El abogado

que lucha

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Es nuestro deseo servir y defender a nuestra gente luchando contra las injusticias en nuestra comunidad.  Cada caso nos da la oportunidad de defender a los indefensos.


Creemos que nuestros clientes merecen ser tratados con respeto y profesionalismo.  Brindamos servicios legales y representamos a nuestros clientes con sus casos de principio a fin. 


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No tiene papeles?

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derecho a una compensación

por sus lesiones y sufrimientos

Consulta gratis

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por su accidente

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ni gastos si no ganamos

Evaluación de su caso

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le evaluemos su caso sin costo alguno llamenos al 818-726-7100

Abogado de prestigio

Sergio F. Benedetto ha sido

reconocido uno de los

abogados más sobresalientes

de Norte America.



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I needed a car accident lawyer somewhere close, and who knew the best way to win a claim. I didn't want to travel miles and miles only to be disappointed. Fortunately Sergio was close to me and he was everything I needed. He was upfront about the case and what we would need to do to win, and he told me that there was nothing to worry about. Car crashes happen every day, and he always made it a point to win them as quickly as possible, since victims don't deserve to wait around waiting for repayment.

Israel A. Mid-City, Los Angeles


There are so many law firms that cater to slip and fall victims but a lot of them have lazy lawyers or people who don't truly care for you.  I was fortunate to find Sergio and have him and his team represent me. I'm completely healed and I'm not hurting for money. I'm back at my job, I'm happier, and I'm not stressing from a lawsuit or what might happen with an insurance agent. Sergio was a big part of that and I could not be happier with the service.

Steve H. Studio City, CA

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Last year after I was hurt at a swimming pool because of an unfixed crack, I filed a lawsuit against the facility. They said it was obvious that there was a crack and that it was slippery, so they held no liability. Sergio helped me with the case and showed that the crack was entirely too egregious to have been ignored and that it was a big issue for weeks. There were other complaints that got ignored as well and he used all of this as fodder for the lawsuit. The company settled before Sergio took them to court and I was glad with the award.

Julia R. Pacifica, CA